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The House Diaries: The Final Images!
So, this feels kinda amazing! After first viewing the house almost nine months ago, I can finally say we’ve moved in! HURRAH! I’m literally bursting with excitement, gratitude and loveee right now. As cheesy as it sounds, the past...
The House diaries: Week Six.
& here we are at week six! It’s kinda crunch time now. Our original “finish date” has been and gone, and the work has been pushed to (fingers crossed) finish at the end of this week! So, the plan...
The House Diaries: Week Five.
How is it Monday already? Christ, the weeks are going quickly! So, here we are at week five! Five!! We’re so nearly there! This week has involved more decisions, lots of patience and all...
The House Diaries: Week Four
Hey loves! Hope you've had a gorgeous weekend! Things have been super busy in the house this week and although I can’t quite imagine how we are going to get there, the decorators say we’re aiming for a mid-May...
House Diaries: Week Three
Hiya! How we’re already at week three I have no idea, but here we are! I was fully ready to not have much to say today, but after not visiting the house for a couple of days it already...
The House Diaries – Week Two.
Hiya! Welcome to our second lil renovation update! This week has been a little slower than the last as prep work has begun throughout the hallways and downstairs! We've had a new colour painted...

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