How is it Monday already? Christ, the weeks are going quickly! So, here we are at week five! Five!! We’re so nearly there! This week has involved more decisions, lots of patience and all the carpet related excitement! What more could you want!

Right, let’s get onto it!


Downstairs is looking pretty similar to last week… The kitchen and back kitchen are very much still in the prep stages, walls are being plastered and skirting boards removed to be replaced. Once we had the keys to the house, we realised that all the downstairs plug sockets were actually halfway into the skirting boards so we’ve had them removed and the sockets raised up so new ones can be installed. It’s small touches like this that I know seem super picky, but will hopefully make all the difference once it’s finished!

We were tasked with finding the perfect floor varnish for the kitchen, hallway & lounge this week. I was convinced that we were going to go for a darker tone, but actually, when we tested a couple of options out the clear varnish was very obviously the winner! I don’t think we realised it would still change the colouring of the wood and I’m super happy with the outcome!


The hallways are starting to take shape! It’s hard to imagine them, but just seeing more of the bannisters painted is reassuring me that we made the right colour choices! The dark tones feel a little cold at the moment but I know once the carpet is in and we have some lovely lights up, it will all come together!

The loft bedroom is having its final coats of paint and the Velux windows have been primed to be matched in the same green tone! This is another space that I know will be transformed once the carpet is in! Can’t wait to make it a cosy little hub for all our friends to stay!


Ahhh onto our bedroom! We’ve also picked a clear gloss finish for the floors in here and I’m SO happy with them! To think we were going to carpet this space!! I love how they enhance the history of the house, how you can see lines from previous wardrobes and walls – all about those perfect imperfections!


Onto the biggest decision of the week! The carpet! As you know downstairs is mostly wood flooring so the carpet will start as a runner on the stairs and then follow up to the hallway and bedrooms… We wanted something super thick and soft, something that will work with every colour we’ve picked but also feel practical and homely. We’ve gone for a warm grey tone by Brockway called “Beachcomber in Shingle” and I love it!


And finally, the flower bed! Obvs I had to give you a ‘lil garden update! My lovely parents helped us dig up the bed and re-soil it so that this weekend (YAS!) we can finally go flower shopping! Honestly, the fact I can now go into a garden centre and walk away with a plant for my actual garden makes me 10/10 happy. It’s all about the small things, hey!

Okay! I think that’s it for this week! I feel like lots is going to be changing over the next one so can’t wait to update you!