Hiya! How we’re already at week three I have no idea, but here we are! I was fully ready to not have much to say today, but after not visiting the house for a couple of days it already feels like so much has changed since last week! Time is going quickly and although I can’t wait to finally be in, I want to make sure we’re soaking up the process whilst we can! I’ve absolutely loved watching our plans develop and sharing each part of the journey so far and wanted to say a quick thank you for all the gorgeous messages I’ve received, it really means so much ♥️ So, onto this week! Like always, if you have any q’s let me know!


First things first, let’s talk about our bedroom! This week the floors have started to be sanded and I can’t quite believe the difference it’s already made… Seeing as this was such a last-minute decision, and one we were a little apprehensive to make, I’m so, so happy that it feels like it’s paid off. I absolutely love the look and feel of the wood against the grey tones and although we were tempted to go a little darker with the varnish finishing, I think we’re now going to stick with a clear one instead. So, so happy with how it’s looking!

Onto the lounge! Again, the floors have started to be sanded and christ, I honestly had to do a double take when I initially saw them… I don’t think I quite understood how different they were going to look! We’re going to look at testers this week and decide on whether we want them to be a slightly darker shade, which I think we will, but in the meantime I’m just v v impressed with the mini transformation! Who knew sanding floorboards could leave me with such unexpected joy!


Right, let’s chat radiators… Soz, I know I talk about them A LOT. But, I hadn’t really anticipated the time and work that would need to go into them… Firstly we had each room checked for the size and heat that it would need (who knew that was a thing? Not me!) After deciding that three column radiators would work throughout the house, the next step was for our plumbers to fix them to “test the system” (I think?) and then remove them again so the rooms can be painted before finally putting them back… WOAH, I’m tired just reading that back, but I think they look bloody gorgeous and have been worth every second & every penny!

Initially we were planning on painting the majority of the radiators in the same colour as each room but decided to hold off until we had seen them against the coloured walls and good god I’m so happy we did. Although I think we will still paint a couple, I ~love~ how the white looks against the bolder colours, especially in the pink room and our bedroom. It makes them feel more like a feature instead of something we’re trying to hide and I absolutely loveee the look.


And finally, onto the garden… The space we weren’t initially going to be touching, but have grown to absolutely love and pour so much time into! We spent the majority of the bank holiday weekend painting fences, both my parents and Seans Dad helping us to get through the hours of brush strokes… but it was so worth it!

Thankfully Sean and his Dad both have a history in construction so are amazing at anything DIY. So, after everything was painted, they spent the day putting the garden back together and voila! We’re nearly there! Just a couple more fences to go and the tops to chop off and we’re done! I’m so in love with the dark blue we went for and how the space now feels super private but in a really lovely welcoming way!


Our next step is to decide on whether we can be bothered to replace the sleepers in the garden before we move in (some are v rotten) and then we also need to gather some quotes for the grass area to be re-turfed and then, finallly, we just need to varnish the decking! I can’t wait to compare the before and after, it already feels SO different!

Right, I think that’s it for this week! Hope you’ve enjoyed my rambling! ✨