Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! HELLO 2018, and Hello to a fresh new start. Yes, I am that person, I love a new beginning, a fresh slate, what ever you wanna call it, I love it. Now, although I’m all about getting excited for a new year, I’m not really into the whole “New Year, New Me”, more “New Year & LOOK at what I learned!”. I love the idea of stepping into Jan the first with a fresh perspective and that’s exactly what I plan on doing!

SO, what better way to start the year than looking back at what I’ve learnt from the last one…so here goes with my *Five Lessons I’ve Learnt From 2017!*

-Fixating on Goals Isn’t Healthy-

If you read last years “New Years” post you will know that I love setting goals – actually that post was all about why I think setting goals is GREAT. And I stick by it, I think they are, I work really well with goals, BUT fixating on them isn’t healthy…. and although I totally told myself I wasn’t gonna feel crappy if I didn’t reach some of mine this year, I kindaaa did. SO, I’ve decided that I’m gonna do things a ‘lil differently in 2018. I’m gonna set myself small goals every month – and I mean small one’s I can tick off, feel great about and count as baby steps towards the helluva huge ones that I eventually wanna achieve. This way I’ll be feeling all the positive feels whilst stepping towards the slightly bigger things I wanna achieve… winwinwin!

-We Can’t Control Everything-

SO, let’s talk control. 2017 has finally, finally been the year that I’ve realised I can’t control everything…HURAAH! Thankgod, I think I’ve finally worked it out… Whether it’s been a personal goal I’ve set myself, or something happening with work, a lot of the time we can’t control the situations we are in, so instead just have to roll with them in the best way possible! I’ve totally learnt that it’s how you react to those situations that makes ~all~ the difference!

-There Is No Rush-

Really though, there is no rush. A ~huge~ ol’ lesson I’ve learnt this year is to just slow down. Acknowledge the now a ‘lil more, enjoy it, soak it in and think less about the future, how something could have gone, or what it ~could~ have been and instead try and just be ~in the moment~. It’s harder than it sounds but things take time for a reason, you gotta learn along the way and sometimes that learning itself is the most important part! So, in a nutshell, slow down, things will happen in their own time and most of the time it’s not about the end goal but actually about the journey to get there!

-The Risk Is Always Worth Taking-

This year I’ve taken baby steps to saying Yes more. Not huge things, not ground breaking things, just small “yes’s” that have placed me out of my comfort zone and it’s been hard, strange, anxious filled but GREAT. It’s given me a ton of positive memories from taking risks and you know what, 2018 is gonna include a helluva lot more of them!

-Appreciate Everything, Always-

So simple, yet so important. I am so, so forever grateful for my life, my family, my friends, my home….the list is endless. 2017 has been a year of stepping back and appreciating everything. I know how easy it is to get swept up in the moment and forget about the bigger picture, but this year I’ve taken SO much more time to enjoy what’s around me and I’ve loved every second of it.
2017 was bloody fabbbuloussss, but I can’t wait for 2018 and allll we have planned for it. Bring it on!