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HIYA & welcome to the new blog!
HIYA! Well this is a little bit exciting, isn’t it! Welcome to my new blog design! It’s taken a little while to get here, but I’m ~so~ excited to finally show you what we’ve been working on! I knew I...
Falling Out of Love With Shopping.
I've had a bit of a ~realisation~ over the last couple of months... I've realised I f*cking hate shopping.      After a summer of tbh not loving how I was feeling or what I was wearing I've finally worked it out......
A Beginners Guide To Meal Planning.
There's something about meal planning that feels super grown-up isn't there? Like you've realllly got your shit together if you're organised enough to not only know what you're having for dinner that night but ~also~...
Five Easy To Care For House Plants.
Today's post is a little different... You guys know ~just~ how much I love my houseplants, they're ma pride and joy and actually, although we've had a few casualties here and there, I'd say I'm a pretty good plant...
Four Ways To Spend A Sunny Sunday.
As I'm writing this I'm sitting in a jumpsuit next to an open window.... An OPEN window !! It's officially summer, like actual summer... It's now more often warm(-ish) than not and I've fully committed to days...
Four Ways To Kick The Jet-Lag…Quick.
Jet-lag oh jet lag, you sneaky lil sleep stealer, eye-bag giver and Deliveroo order encourager. Sleep for me is everything, I literally feel better with every hour that I get... me after eight hours...

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