Oh hey! So, today’s post is all about food – Hurrah! Summer salads in fact…You know the type that are easy to make, feed over ten mouths and are perfect for leftovers the next day. For picnics, BBQ’s or just dinner in the garden, these three are my absolute go-to’s and ones I’ve had a tone of messages about on Instagram. Yes, I make the same versions over and over, but they’re crowd-pleasers and if I do say so myself taste bladdy fantastic.

Now, I’m not gonna go into too much recipe detail as, as you know I’m a chuck it all in kinda gal, but hopefully they will inspire any summer shindigs you’re having!

The Watermelon & Feta Fave.

First up we’ve got the easiest of the bunch, a watermelon & feta treat!
The “measurements” for this one are pretty straight forward, and you really can’t go wrong… I usually take a small watermelon, cut it into cubes and then mix with a chopped packed of feta & a big ol’ dash of olive oil. Season with salt & pepper and add a tone of mint and voila! BEAUT-iful.

The Potato Salad With A Twist.

Next up we’ve got the potato salad, i’e heaven in a bowl. A firm family favourite. My mums been teaching me to add egg to my potato salad since I was a teeny beb and I will challenge anyone who says differently… IT TASTES AMAZING, okay!

Anyway! This has another throw it all in the bowl kinda vibe which I love and makes it super easy to make – Take a bag of potatoes and cut into half (or quatres if big!) and boil for fifteen minutes before letting cool on the side. Then add your boiled chopped eggs, a tone of mayo, chopped mini gherkins and either dill or cress OR both (Go wild, I do) into a bowl before finally, adding a big ol’ pinch of salt & pepper. Yum. I told ya, heaven in a bowl.

The Best Greek Salad.

And finally! We’ve got the Greek salad. The one I eat around five times a week. It’s so easy, tastes so good and usually, I’ll always have the ingredients in the fridge already – winning! Here I’ve added chopped large tomatoes, cucumber sliced and seeded, red onion sliced into thin pieces, a packet of feta crumbled, sliced green peppers and lots of oil, salt and pepper. The only thing I forgot was black olives which was v upsetting, but next time hey!