There’s something about meal planning that feels super grown-up isn’t there? Like you’ve realllly got your shit together if you’re organised enough to not only know what you’re having for dinner that night but ~also~ the next night too…. Okay, I’m getting a little ahead of myself here, BUT meal planning can be bloody fabulous… It can make a busy week feel less stressful and give a quiet one more time for Netflix and less time in the kitchen, which really is a win-win situation, right?

So, where to start? Well, firstly know that meal planning really can be anything you want it to… It doesn’t have to look like twenty-four tupperware boxes perfectly stacked in your freezer full of the same ol’ lasagna… It could mean that although you love cooking in the evenings, you’d actually prefer to have your work lunch prepped and ready for the week ahead. So, you spend a lil time on a Sunday evening getting 5 days worth of lunchbox goodness prepped and ready to go… Or, you could be someone who wants to ~getinthatbubblebath~ the minute you walk through the door after a long day. So, you make sure all dinners are prepped ready for 7PM on the dot. Basically, whatever it is you’d rather not be spending time on, meal prepping can help.

And despite the fact that I’m no pro and still get myself into a Derliveroo hole at least every other week… I thought it might be helpful to chuck a couple of tips together that I’ve found helpful when trying to keep a lil more organised in the kitchen …

Organise Yourself: Okay, I know what you’re thinking… HOW can I organise myself before learning to organise myself? That makes no sense!? BUT, I mean the simple stuff… Make sure you’ve got the basics to begin with… I’m talking your Tupperware boxes, your salt & pepper, you know the stuff… And if you haven’t that’s fineeee too, just add them to your list and pick them up alongside you’re food shop!

Look At The Week Ahead: It may sound super simple but it’s SO easy to forget that you’re out with friends one night, or are on a work trip the next… I find keeping a meal planner on my fridge SO helpful… It’s super simple, you can plan out your week and know what meals you’ve got coming up next. It also means you can switch things around if need be whilst being able to see it all right in front of you. So, that being said I thought it would be a really nice idea to attach my own meal planner for you to print out and use! It’s just below and that way you can easily keep track of everything whilst giving it a go!

Make A List: It might seem like the list you create is HUGE, but you’ve got to remember how many meals you’re planning for. It will seem like a lot but it’s not, you’re just choosing to do it in bulk instead of running down to Sainsbury’s every night… Make your list in a way that works for you. Whether it’s pen on paper, using your notes in your phone or even an organisation app such as Trello, make the list and then get shopping! Be it online or instore, again whatever works for you!

Pick Recipe’s You Love: I actually feel like this is the most important tip of all… and yes, again, this may sound simple but you’ve really got to think about the time of the meal you’re planning and what you usually fancy at that time. There’s no point making a crazy new pasta dish if you know that actually, 9/10 times you probably won’t fancy pasta after a long day at work. I’m all about trying new recipes and loveee spending time doing so in the kitchen but really you want meals that you know you love, you know work and you know you will fancy after a long day//early start! I usually have a big ol’ Pinterest browse to get my food inspo ticking. It works a treat as you can see everything visually and think about what’s gonna work well for the week ahead.

Put Time Aside For The Making: Now this bit takes a little time, there’s no getting around it butttt that doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. I usually do all my prep on a Sunday afternoon. Music blaring, apron on and my organisation ~let’s get shit done~ head on. I actually find it really relaxing and love knowing that it’s going to mean I have more spare time during the week. Now, although this might not work for you, just find some time that does. Whether it’s an early start before work or a mid-week evening, just know that you do need to put the time in!

Have Fun: Yay! WOO! MeAL PrEEPPP, FUN! you get the gist. Don’t take it too seriously, it’s super simple really. Pick some meals you love, make them and shove them in the freezer… VOILA!!

Okay, I think that’s enough food prep chat for now, I hope you found the post helpful and remember you can download your free meal planner >>HERE << . I can’t wait to see you using it, good luck!