I realised something recently… I realised that I use the phrases “we” “us” and “ours” a whole lot on my blog, without actually explaining who the “we” are. Now, although I know a lot of you might recognise Sean from my insta-stories, you’ve most definitely heard his shower singing, and most probably have seen some of his questionable cooking, BUT he doesn’t actually pop up too much on the blog… SO, seeing as this weekend marks nine whole years of “us” I thought what better time than to introduce you, properly.

Now, firstly let’s talk about these photos… I mean, yeah, I probably could have roped Sean into taking some cute, more relevant ones, but hey, where would the fun be in that? So, instead, here are a couple I dug out from all over the place … excuse the quality, but shitty in the moment photo’s will always be my favourite!

It’s safe to say, we’ve kinda done it all up until this point, we’ve lived in house shares of seven, to six, to four, to now just the two of us. Been on every kind of holiday, from Kavos piss ups, to festivals in Serbia and Spain, travelled around Vietnam, Thailand and Austraila, I mean… can you smell gap year?  We’ve studied together and now work together, the list kinda goes on, but there’s a whole lot of us to share that was soso long before the blog had even begun…

Looking back, I would never have imagined that we’d now be living back in Brighton working alongside each other. From the nights when I was working sixteen-hour double shifts in a burger restaurant and Sean would come and meet me at the bus stop at 1AM to walk me home…. to the weeks when we would be in the library until 2AM every night, it’s all been worth it to get this point where we get to experience our dream jobs together. Oh so much cheese, but it’s just too true. 

So this has got to be a lil thank you, to the boyfriend who puts up with it all… From the hangry times to the anxious times, the hormonal ones that make no sense at all, my proofreader, photo taker, adventure maker, to ~the~ most annoying, yet endearing and caring person I know. Soz, told you things were gonna get smushy… Happy nine years babes, can’t wait to take on 2018 with you!

I bloody LOVED digging through old photos to create this post, and it got me thinking… Are there any other kinda TBT posts you’d like to see? Any travelling ones? Uni-related ones? Any you can think of let me know! ALL the lovexxxxxx P.S lol at the photo bellow.