Jet-lag oh jet lag, you sneaky lil sleep stealer, eye-bag giver and Deliveroo order encourager. Sleep for me is everything, I literally feel better with every hour that I get… me after eight hours is fantastic, see me at 7 and I’m OKAY, 6, well, no thank you and under six well yeah that just can’t happen… Basically what I’m trying to get at is sleep = everything and that means that jet lag really, like really effects me.

I’ve done more travelling in the last couple of months than ever and think it’s safe to say flying to New Zealand and back was a jet lag challenge accepted. I try and stay super positive and not let it get to me but when you’re wide awake at 4AM listening to your CALM app talk at you over and over again and STILL don’t get any shut eye it’s hard, like really hard, especially if you’ve got work to do.

So, with a couple of long-haul trips under my sleeve this year, I thought I’d let ya in on a couple of things that I found super helpful. So here goes, four ways to kick jet lags butt.

-Don’t Over Think It, You Got This-

Okay, I know this one sounds super obvious but I really mean it. Just don’t over think it. I’ve spent more flights worrying more about the jet lag when getting there than I have been excited about the trip itself and it’s REDIC. The more you think about it, the bigger deal it is and the more of a “thing” you then make of it. Try and ~go with the flow~ as much as possible. It’s kinda like that thing when you hurt yourself and you don’t feel the pain until you see it, ya know? You might feel bloody amazing, and jet lag could actually be on your side so try to just let ya body do its thing and not worry!

-Stay Hydrated All Day, Every Day-

Staying hydrated is KEY… try and drink as much water as possible, from the minute you land right up until the end of your trip – It’s only going to make you feel better! One trick I use which is super easy and v obvious, yet works wonders is to always carry a bottle of water on me… preferably one that ~can’t~ fit into your handbag as then you’ve gotta drink it cause you’re holding it and it’s annoying af!

-Absolutely No Cheeky Power Naps, Not Even One.-

I know, this one is the hardest of all BUT those naps that you think are “innocent lil power naps” are not. No you can not “just lay there” for five minutes and you definitely can’t “have an early night” I’m sorry love but you gotta stay up and stay awake for as long as you can. I usually have a rule that if I can make it to 9PM I’m all good and usually it works. Just no naps OKAY!

-Stay Calm, Even At 4AM-

We travelled back from New York a couple of months ago and good god my jet lag was awful, like I’m talking really awful. I was awake half the night, sleeping in every morning and basically became a big ol’ unproductive zombie for around a week. That is until I worked out that I think, think being the key word here, that staying calm is key. If you do wake up and feel dread sweep over you because OMG it’s still dark outside, don’t panic. Listen to your body, take a deep breath, pop a podcast on and just relax. You get to listen to a fabulous podcast and then as you relax you ~will~ evetually fall back asleep. All is OKAY.

There we have it, my four ways to (fingers crossed) keep ya feeling fresh! What’re your top tips?