Adam French - Weightless Lizzie Loveless - You Don't Know Bon Iver - For Emma Policia - Fake Like Sam Lynch - Mess You Made Sarah Jaffe - Clementine Juke Ross - French Roses Allman Brown - Moonlight SYML - Girl Me Not You - Eventually Saint Sister - Corpses James Bay - Let It Go Villagers - Nothing Arrived Talos - In Time Alex Flovent - Lighthouse

I listen to music a lot. When I’m happy, when I’m sad, when I wanna relax, exercise, work, sleep, walk… Okay, you get the point. Whatever mood, whatever time, you will most likely find me listening to something. So, I thought it perfectly fitting to introduce the month of all things Self Love 💗 with a playlist packed full of all my favourite downtime songs.

Songs that I go to when I wanna feel completely and utterly relaxed. It’s so bloody important to learn to switch off and I find music a huge help in doing so. I hope you love the playlist as much as I do & obvs let me know what you’re fave downtime picks are too, I’m forever adding more to my list!