My heart is literally bursting with happiness right now. We’ve bought our first home and I couldn’t be happier ❤️ It’s been a long ol’ process but we finally picked up the keys a couple of weeks back and can officially call it ours! I hope this might explain why things have been a little all over the place as it turns out everyone is v right in saying it’s one of the busiest times, but my god has it all been worth it!

So, although we have the keys and it’s finally ours, we’re not actually moving in just yet! There are a couple of changes we want to make first, nothing too crazy, nothing structural, just a lick of paint here and there and some new tiles etc but tbh we’ve really not made any concrete decisions yet! I think because throughout the process you’re constantly reminding yourself that it could all “fall through” at any point, I only just now feel like it’s a reality and that it’s actually ours and it’s all hit at once and I’m SO friggin’ excited!

I also really don’t want to rush anything and want to spend time enjoying the whole process instead of just picturing the finished look. So, for now, our heads are buried deep in interior mags, endlessly scrolling through Pinterest and stalking every home account on Instagram…. Basically, I’m in my bloody element right now and am SO excited for everything that’s to come!

So on that note, although I’ve got a few pieces planned here and there I would love to know what you’d like to see content wise! What type of interior pieces are your fave? What do you wanna hear more about? AND, plz let me know all of your favourite interior accounts,  leave a comment, DM me, Tweet me, the more the merrier!

Oh! & yes, these drawings are of the house, along with a couple of our current pieces! YayayAYAYayay.

I am just SO bloody excited!