Today’s post is a little different… You guys know ~just~ how much I love my houseplants, they’re ma pride and joy and actually, although we’ve had a few casualties here and there, I’d say I’m a pretty good plant looker-after-er… I’d give myself a solid 7/10 in the grand scheme of things which basically means I’m damn good at it!

ANYWAY, so, today I thought I’d share five plants that I’ve found to be the easiest of the easiest to care for, the ones that really… do it all themselves. The ones you can buy whether you’re a plant liker, lover, or obsess-er. These five babies will (hopefully) see you through it all, so here goes, the five houseplants that are super, super easy to care for…!


These plants love a whole lotta light, but not directly… We keep ours in the corner of a bright room meaning it can get all the light it needs without being in direct sunlight. This is definitely one of those plants that you can leave to do its own thing… By feeling if the soil is dry you will know that it’s ready for a drink and don’t be tempted to water it if not, it really doesn’t need it! 

Another plant that thrives off of being in a light, bright room! The English Ivy is one of my favesss. It’s the perfect addition for a top shelf and although you may need to remove a few leaves here and there, generally it’s a zero care for kinda plant, which in my books are the best kind… All you gotta make sure is that it’s not ~over~ watered and voila! You’re a houseplant pro!   

We’ve got a couple of these slow-growing babes and although I have to admit we’ve had one casualty in the past which meant a quick trip to B&Q (soz #palm1) it’s been pretty smooth sailing ever since… This plant is perfect if you’re after something slightly larger, we have ours in a plant holder with feet which means it also doubles up as the perfect flat deco addition too. Anyway, let’s keep it short and sweet, I’d say I usually water our palm once a week, making sure we do more so in the summertime and less in the winter. They again, like a bright room, but can handle lower light too, winwin! 

This plant is by far, by farrr my fave of them all (not that I don’t love every single one of them </3) but seeing a plant grow is like, the best thing ever, and this one grows so super quickly that you feel like a proud #plantmumma within weeks. It also looks bloody lush in any situ and works well on desks, shelves, bedside tables, you name it…. OKAY, swooning over, let’s talk about how to care for the beaut. Basically, the main point is just to not over water it… It can handle being a little under-watered but make sure it’s not swimming plz. Other than that, a lil bit of sunlight and voila! This really is the easiest plant of all! 

Oh the trusty cactus… I think this was the first plant I ever bought for my university bedroom and oh god was I proud of it. These are fab for if you literally have ~zero~ time for plant care. They only need watering every so often and are perfect for when wanting to add a lil something, something to a space without having to think about it too much! If you’re new to plants and wanna build up a mini collection then this is a great one to start with!