HELLO NEW HAIR. This time last week I decided very, very, spontaneously to try something new. I decided to chop nearly 8inches of my hair and I’ve not looked back since… I knew I wanted to try something new, I new I wanted to be a hella lot blonder BUT it was only around an hour before the hair cut that I decided to just go for it.

I’ve been growing my hair for the past two years now and it kinda got to the point where it just stopped and couldn’t grow anymore… It was like it had reached its limit and although I liked it, I wasn’t in love with it and was SO ready for a change.

After looking at around 256 “long hair to short hair” transformations and eyeing up everyone I follow on Instagram who has already gone for the chop I decided fack it. Hair grows, let’s do this.

AND I’m SO happy I did. I literally feel like it’s marked a bit of a fresh start. Of caring less, taking more risks, even if they seem small to others, they might big huge for you. It’s given me more confidence to drop the whole “I’ll try it one-day” vibe and just go for it.

I was worried it would make me feel less confident when actually it’s given me so much more.

So, here’s to taking more style risks and to loving yourself just a little bit more.