I’m not a natural yolo-er, I never really have been… I like to know what I’m doing and when I’m doing it… I’ve never been someone who’s like “OMG, let’s go there *NOW*” more like “omg that sounds so much fun, let’s go sometime soon”, but recently over the past year or so a lot has changed and my reluctance to be spontaneous has had to take a step back and therefore allowed my deep down hidden yolo-er to come say hey…


When I was living back in London and working as a teaching assistant whilst also at the gallery, I knew exactly what my week looked like. I knew when I was due into work in the morning, what time I was leaving in the evening, what kinda lunch I’d probably make and even how long, to the minute, it would take me to get home (thankYOUCityMapper) !!

Now though, things are different and I’ve really had to let go of the part of me that LOVES to plan every little detail of my every day and just, well, go with the flow. Now, although I still have an idea of what I’ve planned for my week ahead, anything can change. If I’ve planned to shoot an outfit post and it’s pouring with rain, you’ve just got to accept that it’s not gonna happen and move onto the next thing. If I wanna photograph alllll my favourite things on my coffee table in the lounge and the sky is grey and not giving me that natural light lushness, then (takesadeepbreath) it’s ~OKAY~. At first I found this SO hard to get used to as plans can change and you literally have no control over the situ, but I’m definitely learning to be waayyyyy more yolo and see the positive in any given situation!

Saying this, I think the fact that anything can pop up in my work life means that I’m now **so** much more relaxed in my social one…. because I’ve had to get used to “throwing caution to the wind – lol”. It’s meant that if I have plans for the weekend and something falls through, or something pops up, I’m okay with that. Stuff changes and actually most of the time the spontaneous things end up being the most fun.

I know that a lot of these feelings stem from me being an v anxious person and sometimes not being in control of a situation can be scary, even if it may seem like something “silly”…. But I’m totally learning to live with more of a YOLO mindset and I’m LOVING it.

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