Why it’s Good To Have Goals…

ERM….HELLO 2017 (!!!!) HOW has another year passed ALREADY. I can’t handle the speed. I hope you had the most amazing New Year’s Eve EVER, full of food, friends and, erm, more food!
In today’s post I wanna talk alllll about ~goals~ Do you make them? Do you have some? What are they? How do you keep them? Help me keep mine…Sosoo many questions!
I (now) think it’s good to have goals….like, I really, really do…. A year ago, okay there were things I wanted to do, places I wanted to go, but I’ve never really set a ~goal~ in my mind to have done by a spectific date.¬†WELL, for the first time EVER, I think I get it….I really get why people set themselves these “Resolutions…” And I’m gonna SET SOME. Some proppa ones.
I remember last year I, for the hundred and tenth time, told myself that I was gonna eat healthily starting on the first of Jan – well, us going away for New Year with the fam meant that was NEVER gonna happen..HA, lol, just thinking of me trying to be healthy in a house FULL of baked camembert, chocolate fingers and Zoe’s homemade cookies makes me lol to myself. SO, my January 1st goal of pure healthiness quickly became February 1st’s goal and so on, and so on, until it literally just clicked…THIS is CRAP. I need goals, like real, concrete goals. Ones that I can write down, cover in pretty glittery pens and bright colours that make me wanna get up every morning, look at them and go, I GOT THIS.
So this year that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna make myself some brand new ~goals~ I’m gonna write them down, and then IF, or WHEN, I finally meet them, I can feel proud and excited and all yayness. But if I don’t then I’m not gonna let myself feel shitty and weird about it, I just think for once, what ever the goal is, I should give it a go in another way. A more realistic one.
So for now I thought I’d share some of the ones I’ve written down for myself…
-Be kind, always kind, and then even kinder, you never, ever know what people are going through.
-Do more exercise, you know it makes you feel better, mentally and physically, so just do more of the stuff.
-Take risks, okay, it might not feel comfortable, and your anxiety might hate it, but the feeling after is always SO worth it.
-Stop worrying about everything. All. The. Time.
-Read more. Yes. You are a CRAZY slow. But that’s OKAY.
-Cook more, you’ve gotten shittier at it.
-Learn to actually use your camera. I mean, like, properly.