Oh Hey! We’re back with a cheeky lil cocktail post today! One that really does take five minutes, tastes amazing and is super easy to throw together. If you’re already into Margaritas then I think you’ll love this. All ingredients are one’s we usually have lying around the house, which means it’s perfect for any occasion including alll the summer parties! Fingers crossed we just need some more sun now!

Take a handful of frozen berries, a handful of fresh strawberries, two-shot of tequila, one shot of Cointreau, the juice of four limes and a big ol’ handul of ice and a dash of honey and then blitz together until the ice is as chunky as you like. Wet the rim of your glass and then cover with salt before puring in your drink. VOILA! As you can tell this is a bit of a chuck it all in kind of recipe, and you may like it a lil sweater or saltier than me, but just keep adding until you’re happy with it!