Welcome to 💗 SELF LOVE MONTH 💗 a whole month dedicated to all things self love. I’m not here for any of the new year-new me bullshit this year. I wanna chat all things that make us feel GOOD. Whether it’s how to make a tasty AF breakfast, how to organise your week with ease OR even tips on how to not let your period get you down… This month I’m dedicating every post to things that make me feel good…about myself, about my home and about my life. So, who’s ready for a whole lot of loving? The first post will be up on Wednesday so keep ya eyes peeled! I’m so excited & I hope you are too!


P.S let me know if there are any posts you wanna see in particular//any topics you’d love to see covered//recipes you wanna know more about! We’ve got a few things up our sleeves but would love to know if you had anything in mind! 💗