My Winter To Do List.

See ya Autumn and HELLO Winter. Bloody ‘ell it’s been freezing this past week, like freeezing! I feel like Winter has well and truly begun and seeing as I loved writing my last ‘lil “to do” list, I thought why not make it a seasonal thing and just keep them going, hey? SO, here we have my “Winter To Do List” full of all the festiveness, all the food and obvs all the layers! 

  • Dig out all my hats, gloves and scarfs.
  • Make my first batch of mulled wine – woo!
  • Make a whole lot more mince pies.
  • Make sure all my present buying is done before Dec 25th.
  • Decorate the flat to Christmas grotto level.
  • Buy our Christmas tree (!!!)
  • Try every Christmas drink on every menu.
  • Start planning my new year resolutions.

  • Host a cheese tasting evening.
  • Get DIY and Christmas crafty.
  • Send Christmas cards to everyone.
  • Watch every single Christmas Film.
  • Go ice skating!
  • Build a gingerbread house.
  • Make a Christmas wreath.
  • Visit as many Christmas markets as possible!
  • Mini road trip to look at all the festive houses.


I’m WELL aware that I’ve just used the word Christmas like twenty-six times, BUT tbh if not now then when  (!!!) Have you got any Winter//Christmas “to-do’s” as I wanna add more to my list!