You all know just how much I love my kitchen, it really is my happy place… So when a couple weeks back I asked if anyone would be interested in a kinda ‘kitchen must haves’ post and a whole lotta you lovely bunch said yes, I got onto the case…. OBVS I’m starting with food, but would you also wanna see a more general one talking all things blenders, bowls & books? If so let me know! 

                                                                                   -Let’s Get Nutty-

I’m a huge nut lover (lol. Soz. Had to.), but my two main faves and ones I always, without a doubt, have to keep stocked up on are, ~Almonds~ & ~Pine Nuts~. SO many of my brekkies are basically a combination of anything I can find in my fridge, but keeping my fave nuts in jars next to our oven means I’m always getting “oh so creative” and chucking in some pine nuts to my breakfast mix. Similarly, whenever it comes to sweet treats, almonds are the onessss. Whether it’s mixing up some energy ball style things or making my fave nut bars, almonds are da best.

-Spreadable Goodness-

Moving on from nuts to spreads, I’m alllll about the spread. Gimmie strawberry jam, raspberry honey, lemon curd – seriously, any of them. Actually all except marmalade…ewww. But my fave of all, and the one I have to bulk buy, is my almond butter – see, I am at it again with the almonds! Whether it’s porridge, yoghurt (yes, yoghurt) toast or just a piece of apple, I love a bitta almond butter. Always and forever stocked up.

                                                                              -Herbs & Green Stuff-

I love cooking from fresh ~so ninety nine point nine~ percent of the time I’ve got a load of fresh herbs ready to create something extra tasttyyyy. Although I love most (bar coriander – EUGH, can’t stand the stuff), basil is and always will be my absolute fave, with mint coming in at a strong second. Basil for me is an everyday kinda herb. Scrambled eggs in the morning? Add basil! Only tomatoes in the fridge? Add basil! Seeeeee so much goodness there. So yeah, you get the point, I love a bitta basil.

-Five A Day Baby-

My parents have always had a stocked up fruit bowl. I think it was with the aim of getting us to grab a banana instead of a Topic bar, or better yet, maybe a Lion bar. Anyway, it might not have worked so well then, but now I love having a full and colourful bowl of fruit sitting out on the side, so just when I go to eat my fourth brownie from the day before’s batch, I might, just might, think about eating an orange instead. It’s a very small chance, but hey, sometimes it works! 

                                                                                   -Tequila, Tequila-

I know right, not quite Shakira Shakira….but hey, I tried. Pun city, here we come. I feel like everyone has ~a~ drink whether it’s lemonade or all the mojitos plz, everyones has got a fave. Now although I’m not a huge drinker, I love a cocktail and tequila based ones are always my fave. Gin, dw, you come in at a very close second… but I will always go back to tequila – I love the stuff, maybe not in shot form, no no, but any other way, yes plz. I LUV making cocktails, playing with flavours and adding all kinda stuff just to see if I may have created….it nearly happened once, but I’m still trying…#Blogposttocome.

Okay ,so I think I’m gonna leave it at that. This may have been one of ~the~ most random posts I’ve ever written, but if talking about your love for nut butters, tequila and your fruit bowl doesn’t scream #balance, then I have no idea what does.