Hiyaaaa. I hope you’re having a lovely week so far! Today I thought it’d be nice to show you a ‘lil more of one my fave corners of our home… my bedside table! This is a space that I’m constantly snapping away at, it’s forever changing and I bladdy love giving it mini makeovers, even if it’s just switching up the book choices! I love how it’s the first place I reach for in the morning, and the last at night, meaning that it usually has a whole ton of my favourite things sat right on it. Whether it’s a notebook and pen, my fave eye cream, or a book I love dipping into. My bedside table is one of my favourite spots and I canne wait to show you what I’m loving being on there right now!

So let’s start things off with the essentials. Seeing as it’s the last place I turn to at night, I tend to stash all things evening routine related right there … An eye cream, usually an overnight mask, maybe a lip balm and absolutely, always, a hand cream. I’m all for a lovely long skincare routine, but sometimes when you cba it’s all about ease and having everything at arm’s length! A couple of favourites right now are the “Summer Friday” overnight mask & the “Drunk Elephant” night serum… Two products which give you all the feels of a big ol’ pamper with absolutely zero effort involved…Yesss plz!

Right, onto sleep. Now you all know how much I love a good evening wind down, so it’s a no brainer that my bedside table holds all of my sleep essentials! Obviously, both my go-to products are from “This Works” … Firstly the Sleep Plus Pillow Spray, good god I must have spoken about this product a hundred times, but it really is the stuff that dreams are made of! And secondly, the Deep Sleep Breath In Rollerball, another bladdy lovely product which is perfect for the times when you need to relax and get some deep sleep whilst catching all the Zzz’s!

A couple of my more practical bedside must-haves include a glass of water and headphones for when I listen to podcasts before nodding off! I also love changing up my stack of books, these aren’t usually ones I read solidly as I really am more of an Audiobook kinda gal, but instead a pile that can easily be dipped in and out of! Also! Art! I love my bedside print, alongside the photos and ‘lil postcards I keep there, usually alongside a mini bunch of blooms.

Basically, it’s a table full of things that make me happy, whether it’s a photo, a book, or a face mask. I love waking up to a bunch of loveliness right besides me and it really is one of the favourite corners of our home!

Right! I’m off to do a face mask, hope you’ve enjoyed this ‘lil bedside ramble. Have a gorgeous day 💗