Give Yourself A Break!

F**k I find it SOSO hard to switch off. I hate stopping…I’m one of those people whose mind runs at 100 miles an hours and I literally ~cannot~ think of just one thing at a time…like physically. I know, I know, multitasking is meant to be something you wanna be good at, but seriously I would just LOVE to be able to concentrate on one task//watch one program//read one book without thinking of the 10001 things I need to do, what I’m cooking for dinner or where I parked the car….BRAIN babe, you need to chill.


It’s actually pretty funny, causeeeee I was actually writing another blog post and then thought of this idea so,, of course, I pushed what I was doing aside and started on this immediately…CLASSIC Poppy, classic.

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But let’s get serious (‘ish) now, I don’t mean switching off with work necessarily, it’s friggin awsomeee to do something that you love so much that you just can’t stop, but I do mean it in a more general sense. Not texting back the person you just neeeeed to reply to, not replying to that email you shoulda sent a week ago, or not doing your online food shop that you should have done yesterday, cuz, well, you’ve not cooked in five days… Sometimes you just gotta STOP and give yourself a friggin break! Sometimes it’s just toooo much to keep up with everything…


It’s OKAY that you haven’t replied to everyone who’s ever messaged you or answered every missed call you’ve ever received because you know what, other people are busy too and their feelings probably aren’t hurt by the fact you haven’t called them back immediately… AND maybeeee you should stop over thinking ABSOLUTELY everything…. Yes brain, I’m talking to you.

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I’m saying all this right now as, whilst you’re reading this post I’ll be away with my family, and I knowww that, as usual, I’ll be finding it oh so hard to allow myself to just put the bloody phone down and chill….SO, it got me thinking, how many other people feel like I do? It’s kinda like the build up to Christmas is so big and then suddenly you gotta just stop and do nothing…. And don’t get me wrong, I’m good at doing nothing, I can do a WHOLE load of nothingness when I wanna,  it’s just that I do it at all the wrong times…


So this year, nuh ah! I’m turning my phone off. I’m playing every.single.friggin board game that ever existed and I’m gonna take a ~proper~ break, mentally && physically (totally gonna lay in everrrrrryday and snooze like a biactchhh) and I can. not. wait. (!!!!!!)


SO, until next year (SOZ, I had to say it…) what ever plans you have I hope you have the BEST New Year EVER & ALL the funnnnnn! Bring on 2017 wahhhoooo!