As I’m writing this I’m sitting in a jumpsuit next to an open window…. An OPEN window !! It’s officially summer, like actual summer… It’s now more often warm(-ish) than not and I’ve fully committed to days of midi dresses and picnics, even if it sometimes means packing a jumper (or two) too…

SO, now that the warmer weather is officially here to stay whatcha gonna do. I mean, obvs sunshine = outside (yay!) but sometimes the weekend comes around sooner than you imagined and before ya know it’s Sunday you’ve got no plans and you “just can’t waste a sunny day” You know, that sunny day guilt of staying inside, WELL, here’s four ideas for when the sun is shining and your weekends are plan-less. Here go’s!   


Okay, so this one might be kinda for the night before but there is nothing better than making a sweet treat for the next day. Tbh I’m talking ice lollies. I’ve made them many a times in the past and they’ve never disappointed. Ever. So easy, so cheap to make and so quick… Perfect for afternoons in the garden, or a cocktail alternative, I mean, just look at >>these<< mojito ones I made a little while back… HELLO.


This one might seem kinda obvious but I think it’s easy to think picnics need to be these huge occasions where you have to make a whole lot of homemade food whilst inviting alll the friends when actually, a picnic in the park could consist of you, a book and a sandwich and be just as lovely. For this particular lil picnic I popped to the local cheese shop to pick up a couple of faves alongside a couple of bottles from our bar cart and voila (!!) The perfect afternoon. ALSO, if you’re after a super practical, super affordable picnic basket then this one is perfect and is from Tiger!   


Laying in ya garden is lush and all that but sometimes you just gotta get out… I mean, if you’re like me you might not even have a garden to lay in, so getting out is the only and best option when the suns out. Going for a walk might be the most obvious option for a sunny day but it really is one of the best things to do. Grab ya bag, head to the beach, the countryside, or even just to your local park, but fresh air really is ~the best~ feeling evaaaaa.


My favourite weekends are ones with zero plans, and I mean zeroooo. When you wake up and get excited to plan the day, knowing that you have timeee… Whether it’s trying something new or visiting somewhere new, sunny days are the perfect time to explore. Go on that walk you’ve been meaning to, drive out to that next village, visit a friend, try a new class. Whatever it is, doing it in the sun always feels always feels like so much more of an adventure!

Basically, you can do all four of these at once, grab your ice lolly, head to the countryside or somewhere you’ve not visited before, go on a long walk and then stop for a picnic. I mean if that doesn’t sounds like heaven right there then I don’t know what is !!!