You all know by now ~just~ how much I love Brighton. It’s no secret, I talk about it enough… So, today I thought I’d do something a little different and share just five of the reasons why this City will always, always be my favourite…

1. Let’s start with the most obvious. Family & friends. I just love being near them, being able to pop-round for a cuppa at my parents, walk the dog or have the girls over for dinner is just the best. And yes, I do have friends in other places too that I miss, BUT all it means is seeing them feels a ‘lil bit more special when I do…

2. The vibe. Yes, I did just say vibe. Brighton is vv relaxed, (mostly) everyone is super friendly and there is no feeling of rush or stress – it just kinda flowssss. I love that a quick pop to the shops means a walk in the Lanes, a breath of fresh air means seeing the sea and a ten-minute drive equals countryside… What more could you want?

3. Did I mention the sea? There’s something about being close to it that you just can’t beat. A walk along the beach to me is like the best head clearer that money can’t buy. It’s the late night summer drinks on the beach lawns, the BBQ’s where you cook enough for a hundred and the sunsets that make you feel like you’re on holiday. I bloody love it. 

4. It’s only a step away from, well, everything. Working from home here is GREAT but sometimes I’ve just gotta be in London and the fact the train trip is (MOSTLY) only an hours journey makes things soso much easier… AND for when you just wanna get out of the City and be surrounded by all the green you can be surrounded by ~beautiful~ countryside within literally ten minutes. The best of both worlds.

5. There is always something to do and going on. Whether it’s trying out a new restaurant, visiting the Artists Open Houses in the summer, or finding the best pub quiz… Brighton always has ~something~ going on to suit everyone! With so many independent shops, more cafes than you could ever visit and a huge creative scene, I honestly couldn’t imagine living anywhere else!