So, let’s just start off by pointing out the obvious, yes… I am writing an entire post on coffee shops when I don’t ~actually~ drink coffee, BUT let me just say, I do drink their lovely tee’s, de-cafe latte’s and (sometimes) fancy juices, so even if you aren’t a coffee lover, you will most definitely enjoy these five just as much as I do! These are the places I run to when I’ve looked at my office walls for that bit too long, the ones I go to when I just ~need~ to leave the flat and the ones that make meeting a friend for a quick cuppa feel that bit more lovely. My five favourite Brighton spots, I hope you enjoy! 

1. Small Batch Coffee. So, I’ve gotta start with the most obvious, Small Batch. This place has taken Brighton & Hove by storm and now have eight locations (!) They are serious coffee experts whilst also serving everything from matcha to turmeric lattes… HELLO! AND, if you wanna up your latte art game they also do a range of different courses too! These photos were actually taken at their spot next to Hove station (it’s my fave!) 

2. Red Roaster: Now If you follow my Insta Stories you will most definitely recognise this place. Firstly it’s an interior lovers DREAM, we’re talking an instagramable plant & marble themed haven… But let’s get to the drinks. They have a ~crazy~ selection, from trays of juices just so you can try them all, to more types of lattes than you could ever ask for… If you’re after something “different” then you will love this place. Also, sidenote, the food is out of this worlllld.     


3. Six: Another favourite of mine. Six is actually in Hove, surrounded by lovely shops and right by the sea. Firstly, I just have to say, if you’re after brunch this is your place. They are ~the~ best, and have SO many options, from brunch bowls to acai ones, they have it all! Anyway, onto the drinks, they again have a huge selection… Serving the best turmeric latte I’ve ever tried, and I’ve heard their Nutella latte is crazy good too! I mean, how could it not be? 

4. Flour Pot Bakey: Love big ol’ sandwichs? Love cake? LOVE coffee? Then you will adore Flour Pot Bakery… They now have three locations, my fave being Hove’s – its BEAUT-iful and does the best de-caffe latte to take away you will find. This is usually our place to “grab & go” when we’re hitting up the beach or haven’t had lunch and need something speedy. Perfect for the quick coffee pit-stop, or when you fancy a tasty treat… I love it here!

5.The Plant Room: Now this one’s a newer find for me, and I gotta say, food & drink aside, it’s interior is spot on. With lil’ corners, you can hide away in it’s a super calm space, perfect for bringing your laptop along to, right in the centre of town… They serve alll the vege and vegan snacks alongside “All Press Coffee” which is Sean’s absolute favourite so I know we will be going back again and again! 

So, there we have it, my five fave coffee spots in Brighton! Where’s your fave to go to? Do you have any other Brighton themed posts you’d love to see?