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My Ring Collection Breakdown.
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You lot know how much I love my jewellery, my rings in particular… They’re a collection I started when I was sixteen and one I’ve not stopped adding to and loving ever since. It all started with an obsession...
My Top Six Trainer Picks.
This is one of my favourite posts ever... ever, ever. If you know well you will know that I've never been "big on shoes" I mean, I obviously like them, but I've never had an overflowing collection or a...
My Sunglasses Collection Right Now.
Seeing as Brighton is literally sweating its butt off in 30 degrees heat I thought what better time to whip out my sunglass collection than now ... Not only is the weather crazy hot,...
Let’s Talk Jewellery.
If you follow me on well, any platform really, you will know that I'm really, really into my jewellery. I always have been and after years of picking up pieces here and there, I've now got a collection that...
The Bag That Fits All.
This blog post contains affiliate links.
Gimmmmie ALL the summer bags. I LOVE a bag that you can fit absolutely everything in, but once summer time hits you seriously need alllll the space you can get, ya know, for all the blankets and baguettes right?...
Why Customization Rulezzzzz.
I'm really into jackets atm, denim ones to be exact, but this particular jacket is extra special...and oh MY have I been asked a whole lotta questions about it (!!) SO, I thought it...

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