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HIYA & welcome to the new blog!
HIYA! Well this is a little bit exciting, isn’t it! Welcome to my new blog design! It’s taken a little while to get here, but I’m ~so~ excited to finally show you what we’ve been working on! I knew I...
Falling Out of Love With Shopping.
I've had a bit of a ~realisation~ over the last couple of months... I've realised I f*cking hate shopping.      After a summer of tbh not loving how I was feeling or what I was wearing I've finally worked it out......
Turning Twenty-Seven. It’s Ma Birthday.
OH HELLO another year. Time, why you passing so quickly? I can barely keep up... So yass today is my Birthday. Twenty-SEVEN, does that mean I'm now classed as late twenties? plz say it doesn't... Tbh...
I Went For The Chop – NEW HAIR.
HELLO NEW HAIR. This time last week I decided very, very, spontaneously to try something new. I decided to chop nearly 8inches of my hair and I’ve not looked back since… I knew I wanted to try something new,...
Nine Years Later. Meet My BF.
I realised something recently... I realised that I use the phrases "we" "us" and "ours" a whole lot on my blog, without actually explaining who the "we" are. Now, although I know a lot of you might recognise Sean from...
Five Lessons Learnt From 2017.
Firstly, HAPPY NEW YEAR! HELLO 2018, and Hello to a fresh new start. Yes, I am that person, I love a new beginning, a fresh slate, what ever you wanna call it, I love...

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