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My Everyday Short Hair Routine.
It's been just over a month now that I decided to take the plunge and cut eight inches off of my hair.... yep, eight. I know right, I don't think I even realised just how long my hair was...
I Went For The Chop – NEW HAIR.
HELLO NEW HAIR. This time last week I decided very, very, spontaneously to try something new. I decided to chop nearly 8inches of my hair and I’ve not looked back since… I knew I wanted to try something new,...
My Holiday Essentials || AD
I know what you're thinking...wait a minute, I thought you said that summer was over? I KNOW, I know and yes I did, BUT I thought what better way to sign out of the...
My Bathroom Must Haves || AD
Let's strip it back. Before we get to the clothes, before we even get to the skincare or make up....  let's talk showers ... actually, let's talk showers AND baths. As you all know I'm a ~huge~ lover of...
OI Shampoo & Conditioner,.
I've never really been one for hair care so I've always given the sprays, oils and extra’s a miss …. well, that was until this past year. I've only recently understood that some of these products ACTUALLY work and...

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