Yep, I know what you’re thinking… really, REALLY?! A salad for breakfast…no thank youuuuu. Well, just hold on second, honestly, I promise this is totally worth giving a go. We’re constantly being told that “breakfast is the most important meal of the day”  and actually I totally agree… personally, if I don’t have a proper brekkie, by mid day I’m literally ravenous and incredibly grumpy…SO the only way forward is to plan a little. Like planning our lunch or dinner for the next day, maybe we should be putting a little more time into our breakfasts…!

So with this in mind, this week I wanted to introduce you to the breakfast salad…dundundunnn. Basically, it’s everything that I would normally pop on toast mixed into a salad instead. I LOVED it, but totally know it’s gonna be a love it or hate it situation for most people. Let me know whatcha think of the idea…would you give it a go?

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The Bowl:

Now this is the fun bit, you can get as creative with you like with your fillings and flavours, or keep it super simple! I went with some roasted asparagus and baby tomatoes, along side chucks of creamy avocado and topped with a perfectly running boiled egg … and to finish things off I added a sprinkle of roasted pine nuts ! I used quinoa as my base and was so super impressed with the outcome as it tasted breakfasty, but with a twist!  

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