Breakfast at Silo

Silo is a favourite of mine. Whether you’re popping in for breakfast, lunch or dinner, each part of their menu is equally as interesting as the other, the breakfast obviously being my favourite. We’ve been a good few times now and each time has been as perfect as the one before. Their whole ethos is about ‘Zero Waste‘ and this starts from the very beginning to the end. All products are locally farmed and from your drinks to your dinner you can feel that the food is beautifully fresh. They even have their own compost machine, which quickly turns any ‘waste’ into compost for more food – as they say ‘closing the loop’. If you’re into your food feeling completely and utterly pure, you will absolutely love it here. The decor is so perfectly simple, yet totally appropriate. All of these factors combine to ensure that your meal feels like a complete experience, from the moment you walk through the door until the minute you leave. I will be back again …. and again.

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The menu starts off quite simply, but you can add more to your plate if you fancy extras. I obviously went for the veggie options and they were just MMmm. The baked beans…let’s start with the beans, as, for me, these were the best part of the whole breakfast. They just tasted real, that sounds like a really strange way to describe something but it made all tined baked beans feel almost fake. They made me want to run home and make my own, which is always a good sign!. They were just so damn good. Obviously everything is home made, so even though you are having food that you feel like you have everyday, it tastes completely different. The eggs perfectly slow cooked. SLOW COOKED?. I didn’t even know you could slow cook an egg, but it tasted like heaven, however it was cooked!. And finally espresso mushrooms, which were equally as tasty. All piled onto two generous pieces of sourdough. Just perfect. Sean went for the same, but added on treacle cured bacon and black pudding, and from his face (and also how much he spoke about the meal for the rest of the day) I think he was equally as impressed. I’m going to have to stop writing now as it’s making me hungry. But yes, please do go. It’s beautiful and soosoo tasty.