Banana Pops

Okay, okay…so the past week hasn’t really been ice lolly weather I know, but I feel like if I keep wearing summery clothes, eating summery things, and doing summery things – ish then the weather might just get the hint hey? So after Wednesday’s post was all about healthy eating I thought I’d share a lil recipe I’ve been loving atm…Bannana Pops! Yes, I’m doing that thing again where I take something super healthy and then slather it in dark chocolate, but seriously it’s just too good. I’ve seen these kinda pops all over the place and although they do look a lil dodgy (lol) I just had to give them a go…they’re so quick, SO easy and of course SOSO friggin lush! Perfect switch up for your classic Ice cream! 
You will need:


  • As many bananas as you fancy
  • A large bar of dark chocolate
  • Your choice of topping -I went for pistachio, coconut and pink sprinkles.
  • Lolly sticks – I got mine from Amazon.

Let’s do this: 
Step one: Peel your banana and cut it in half-ish (basically what ever size you want your pops to be!)
Step two: Take your lolly stick and pop into the banana, making sure it doesn’t go through or out of one side!
Step three:Prep a tray lined with baking paper to lay your bananas on ready for sprinkling!
Step four: Take your dark chocolate and chop into small pieces.

Step five: boil a kettle of water, and pour into a saucepan.
Step six: Take a heatproof bowl, pop the chocolate in and place over the saucepan making sure the water is not touch the bowl!
Step six: Stir chocolate until completely melted – be careful this can be vv hot!
Step seven: Take your bananas and start slathering with the chocolate , use a spoon to make it easier!
Step eight: Get sprinkling your chocolatey covered bananas!
Step nine: Place in the freezer overnight until set.
AND enjoy !!  
Remember, when it comes to your sprinkles you really can go crazy and sprinkle the lollys with what ever you fancy! I’ve seen other people use nuts, granola and even…more chocolate, it really is up to you! my favourite is definitely the pistachio…MMmMmmm!
These are perfect if you fancy something a little lighter than a magnum, but still want all that chocolatey lushness! I’m definitely going to be taking them along to a fare few picnics this year, they’re soso easy to make and even look a lil fancy…perfect combo!